How To Look For The Perfect Funeral Service Package

The cost of a funeral can easily exceed $10K. Or, an urn for cremation can easily run up several thousands of dollars as well. Although it is not what you want to think of as you are planning a funeral or cremation, the financial burden of saying goodbye to a loved one, is one of the many challenges you are going to have to face during this trying time. For families who choose to preplan with Arlington Mortuary, you not only save and lock in the prices when you choose us for services, but you can also avoid these difficult topics and discussions, when you want to grieve and respect the life of the loved one you recently lost.

It’s not only the pricing we can assist you with when you choose Arlington Mortuary for your funeral planning and cremation planning services. We can help make this trying time a bit easier on you and your family. How? We can

  • Help you with the invitation list for those who are going to attend the funeral
  • Help you select the right location, and help you in planning for religious or non religious ceremonies
  • Work with you to pick flowers, decor, and other aspects of the funeral home you’d like to see
  • Work with you in planning on how to say goodbye to a loved one and inform others of their passing
  • Help you in deciding who will attend, how big the services will be, and what aspects are most important for you and your family

It’s not only about what you want either. You have to consider what your loved one would want. So, in planning with Arlington Mortuary, we can discuss ways in which we can celebrate their life and remember them in a positive light, even though you are saying goodbye to them.

Every family has different needs and desires when the time comes to plan for a funeral or cremation. And, every family is going to choose a different type of service, when they are ready to say goodbye. We are here to help you with the planning and to assist you with all services that go along with planning for the funeral. No matter how big or small you would like the services to be, or where you plan on having the funeral, we are here with you at all phases, and will make sure the funeral is respectable in saying goodbye to the person you’ve lost.…