How To Use SMS Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business

Did you know that out 7 billion people on earth, more than 5 billion people owns a mobile phone? Technology is more important to people, even more than personal hygiene. Take an example of individuals who own a toothbrush. Statistics shows that the number of persons who own a toothbrush is much less than those who owns a phone device. What does this typically mean to you as the business owner? This means that is the time to adopt a mobile marketing campaign to your business if you haven’t since the market potential is beyond the limit. For instance, think about mobile text marketing. Beside the limitless market potentials it brings here are some other remarkable business benefits of mobile text marketing.

  1. Instant delivery

With mobile text marketing, you can be able to write, send and have your target market receive your message in a fraction of the time it would take you to send a message through other channels of marketing. More importantly, it takes less time for your target customers to respond.

  1. Solid open rate.

Several statistics shows that there is 98 percent average open rate of text messages. If you compare this with email open rate which has an average rate of around 28 percent, you will find that mobile text marketing is far much ahead. While other means of marketing like email marketing have their place within the marketing strategies, you can ignore the fact that, text marketing wins the battle fair and square.

  1. More engagement levels.

Text marketing is an extremely effective communication tool to your business. Although text marketing may feel invasive, there are many customers out there who values updates and forthcoming developments within a brand or even a service.

  1. Cost –effective

Mobile text marketing is an affordable approach to your marketing campaigns. Sending a text is generally cheap than placing an ad in a billboard or on a local paper, and it reaches thousands if not hundreds of thousands of potential customers within a very short time.

  1. Very effective

Long are days when, as a business owner, you would send a text message, hoping that it will reach your targeted demographic. Today, things are completely different, mobile text marketing is much more effective and knowing the customer to send the text to is much more easy. Services like Textedly  are now available to tailor the business promotional content campaign based on the targeted market.

It’s no doubt that mobile text marketing have many benefits when compared to most other marketing strategies. Businesses that have been able to tap into mobile text marketing strategy have outdone their competitor in a relatively short period.