5 Ways Technology Helps Your Pet Live Healthy and Enriched Lives

Technology has become a part of our daily lives, and now our pets’. These days, it’s easy to get help in terms of buying healthy food and learning how to keep our pets happy through the world wide web, for example. Here are 5 more ways technology is helping our pets live healthy lives.

More Food Choices Online

Before, the only food you could get your dog was in supermarkets, local pet shops and trade fairs. But now, your options have significantly opened up with online pet food stores like centinelafeed.com.

You can now buy raw dog food, cat food, treats and even toys for your pets to enrich their lives. The best part is that you can have everything delivered straight to your doorstep. More choices means you can take care of your beloved pet better.

Fresh Water 24/7

It’s easy to take water for granted. Fresh and clean water is only a matter of refilling your pet’s water bowl every day, but how often do we forget this and be reminded only when they’re begging for it?

Technology has created automated water dispensers that can supply your pet fresh water whenever they need it. Water is important as it helps them cool down and carries the nutrients to where it needs to go. Say goodbye to dehydration when you invest in a good automatic water dispenser for your pet!

Higher Vet Care Quality

Technology makes everything better, including veterinarian care. Today’s animals now enjoy a higher survival rate thanks to newer breakthrough processes and devices that can detect diseases even before they get deadly.

It’s not just humans who can benefit from wearables- your dog or cat can get one as well. These devices can measure oxygen levels, movements and detect abnormalities as they happen.


An animal’s health will mainly depend on his or her environment. If they’re in a good, happy and loving home then chances are that they will live happy and healthy lives. However, this drastically drops when they get lost or find themselves in a hostile environment.

Pet owners can rely on tech such as a microchip to track and find their lost pets whenever they go astray.

Monitor Your Pet with a Webcam

A webcam can serve to ease both pet owners’ and their pets’ anxieties whenever they’re away from each other. You’ll be able to see what your pet is up to, and can even communicate with them to a degree.