Why Personalized Diet Work

All experts in many fields of medicine already understand that a certain diet that is good for one person does not necessarily mean that it will help other people to lose weight. Numerous new studies reveal that even if we all eat the same food in the same amounts, our organisms still consume calories differently, so after eating, we all have different blood sugar levels. And there are many factors that affect this.

Every human individual has its own unicate response to food and the special way their body uses it. Therefore, we need to look at the different responses of each organism in order to be able to come up with accurate data and proper nutrition for each individual, more about this at thesolutioniv.com.

What is a personalized diet?

The level of sugar in our body increases in proportion to the food we eat and the reaction of our body. Unfortunately, in some people, this can lead to extremely high blood sugar levels, which can be a trigger for diabetes (this is the so-called prediabetic phase). Although to date there are no concrete methods to help in overlooking blood sugar levels after each meal, the advance in this field is undoubtedly huge on all other issues.

One of the well-known methods used to assess the impact of food on the human body is the glycemic index. The glycemic index makes a difference, that is, it ranks foods into groups depending on how they affect blood sugar levels. The only drawback of this method is that it gives a rating for one dish, so it is not completely effective when we eat different foods.

Nutrigenetics – a new field

Nutrigenetics is a new scientific field that nutritionists decide on when a patient addresses them. In addition to the nutritionist’s suggestion, you can also decide on nutrition on your own, which will usually be the case. Although it has multiple purposes for every human being, it will mostly be subjected to this analysis is a person who is going to fight with kilograms. This analysis is also used to diagnose other intolerances that may interfere with digestion or affect skin health, mood …

Final words

Numerous trial studies indicate that our blood group also plays a key role in nutrition, and its examination determines which diet is good for a person and which is not. Nutrition as a science has made huge steps in this field since its inception, and today, it is given increasing importance everywhere in the world because proper nutrition is the most important step towards a healthy life. If you have problems with weight, be sure to visit thesolutioniv.com and find out the best way to make your diet as adapted as possible to your body and metabolism.…